Femininity, Divine Balance & Hustling in Harmony

The first episode of The Lalulah Podcast

The first episode of The Lalulah Podcast

Inhale, exhale.

Mmmh yes, our Lalulah Podcast has just been released! Tune in and check out our very first episode featuring women’s empowerment and intuition coach Stacey O’Gorman.

Dive with us into Stacey’s personal story of rediscovering her feminine energy and establishing a self-caring self-pleasure routine. Exhaustion, numbness, loneliness, anxiety… Stacey overcame this state of imbalance and self-pressure by bringing awareness, playfulness and flow back into her life. You’ll find out which tools and daily routines helped her in achieving this. One thing is sure: no pressure, hun, be kind to yourself. Stacey’s routines are not as strict as other coaches preach – what a delight!

We hope this episode is as inspiring to you as it was for us.We are beyond grateful that you are here and would love to hear your thoughts on the show, so please leave a comment below or head on over to the Lalulah Instagram and comment with your key takes aways. If you loved this episode and feel you know someone who could benefit from hearing it too, please share it with them or on your social channels (they’ll love you for it). Don’t forget to leave a 5-star review in iTunes or on your podcast app, that way we can inspire and reach more people together. You can find Lalulah on Spotify, YouTube & Stitcher.