The Lalulah Podcast is Launching Wednesday March 27th


The first episode of the Lalulah podcast is scheduled to be released Wednesday March the 27th 2019!

The Lalulah podcast is a bi-weekly series of real life conversations about sexuality, sensuality, relationships, self-love and how to live a happy, healthy turned-on life.

I’ve already received so many beautiful insights and gained some amazing tools from recording these episodes and I absolutely cannot wait to share them with you.

This project has been in the slow cooker for years now, and I couldn't feel more aligned or more ready. I'm collaborating with world class coaches, sexologists and practitioners, bringing you exclusive content to help you explore your pleasure in all aspects of life.

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Until next time beautiful, don’t forget to prioritise your pleasure because your deserve to feel the fullness of this life in all it’s beauty.


Laura x