When Self Care Turns to Self Sabotage

When self-care turns to self-sabotage.

Sometimes self-care is going to meet your friends when you don't feel like it, showing up at event's when you're feeling meh, or sitting your ass down and doing the work when you'd rather be watching Sex And The City in the bathtub (current personal discovery).

Self-love isn't just essential oils, green smoothies, yoga and rose quarts yoni eggs up our hoo-hahs. It's about taking inspired action in pursuit of your goals and aspirations. Sometimes that means cutting the two hour morning ritual in half, pulling up your socks and SHOWING UP (even when we don't want to).
Self-care can be a fabulous way to self-sabotage yourself away from your dreams. Self-care can be used as a distancing tool when acting out in avoidance towards valued relationships. Self-care can be an amazing procrastination tool when it comes to doing the things that are (truly) right for you.

Finding the balance requires radical honesty with yourself, courage and a willingness to adjust boundaries when needed. Our needs and aspirations change all the time. Therefore our rigidness towards routine needs to adapt along with them.

We already know this inside. All we have to do is listen.

Laura Ellen