The Importance of Boundaries for Rocking Relationships

Image by Daren Thomas Magee - Real Fun Wow

Image by Daren Thomas Magee - Real Fun Wow

Be ruthless with where and whom you invest your energy. You are the make up of the top five people you spend time with and the reality is you will always be influenced by the people you choose to be surrounded by.

Sometimes amazing people come into my life who are simply on a different path than mine. And that's okay! I don't need to please them or give them any of my time if I don't want to. It's not snobbish or rude. I have boundaries to respect myself, not to please others.

It's okay to be picky.
It's okay to let go.
It's okay to be honest.

People don't like to talk about the fact that we grow in life and sometimes that means outgrowing relationships too. .

By acquiring healthy boundary tools we can start to gracefully manage our energy allocation and communicate it authentically and honestly without pain. This doesn't mean that you start savagely cutting people out of your life because they are no longer "serving you". It simply means honouring yourself and creating the healthy boundaries necessary for your health and happiness. You can still love, you can still be together, it just may look and feel different to what you have now.

If you're feeling stuck, uninspired and constantly bought down by some of your core relationships then it's up to you to do something about it. How can you lovingly create more space? Perhaps you're looking to meet some new, inspiring people. Where can you go to connect with them? Or perhaps you want to create more harmony in your current relationships. How can you understand each other better? Can you sit down and do the love languages test or discuss what each other's needs are in relationship (I literally do this with all my friends, it's such a great way to help me show up for them in the best way possible!). Maybe you have some of your own inner work to do before you can meet people in the way you (& they) desire. Own that. Take responsibility for what you're bringing to the party too.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. The depth and fulfilment of your experience with others is in your hands. What are you willing to do to create a life full of rocking relationships and legendary love?

Laura Ellen