Sex Education That Will Blow Your Mind (and your bedsheets)

"Learning about sex through watching porn is about the same as learning to drive through watching Fast And The Furious - a fucking terrible idea."⁠ ~ ⁠
Luckily we have more options than that these days, you just need to know where to look. Here are my top five Sex-Ed platforms that will blow your mind (and your bedsheets!):⁠

The Lalulah Podcast - of course. Weekly conversations about healthy sexuality and how to access your pleasure in, and outside the bedroom. Guests include world-class sexologists, nutritionists, physio's, scientists, tantra practitioners, psychotherapists and more, all shining a light on the roadmap to a happy healthy, turned-on life. ⁠

The Layla Martin YouTube Channel - Learn all about conscious relationships, sacred sexuality and Tantra. Experience original and intelligent sex tips and experience how to have awe-inspiring, outrageously awesome erotic adventures. ⁠
Layla's channel is all about having a life full of epic sex, legendary love and overwhelming beauty, and I am absolutely OBSESSED.⁠

OMGYES - An honest, informative, research-based approach to women's pleasure. Explore what feels good and why and make a great thing even better. OMGYES allows us to explore new ways of lovemaking (solo and partnered) to increase pleasure that is based on new research. Finally!⁠

Erica Lust Productions - If you're into it, I say hell yes to porn (as long as you're not addicted to it) but not all porn is created equal. I'm extremely fussy with this. Production quality, styling, wardrobe, acting, storyline, and arousal are so important to me. I pride myself in pursuing the highest quality experience in every aspect of life, my porn expectations are no different. That's why I love EricaLust Films. Female provocateur and erotic film director Erika Lust is creating a new world of indie adult cinema. Highly recommend. ⁠

Beducated - For those of us looking for "hands on" practical lessons on epic love and lovemaking then I recommend Beducated. Bring more *wow* between the sheets and discover first-class online courses about mindful sex and relationships - all delivered straight to your bedroom.⁠

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Laura Ellen