How To Create A Sensational Self Pleasure Practice

Creating an intentional self pleasure practice is the most delicious act of self love and our divine responsibility.

Creating an intentional self pleasure practice is the most delicious act of self love and our divine responsibility.

What is it like when you’re by yourself… touching yourself… making love to yourself? Do you dare to touch yourself at all? If yes, how quick do you come? Do you indulge in self pleasure like a ritual or rather like brushing your teeth? If the latter is the case and you feel like you want to change something about it - we got you! In this episode Laura Ellen discloses her hot & sexy, juicy & delicious and veeeery practical tips on how to create a sensual and unique-to-you self love routine. Making up your mind about how you want to celebrate masturbation and developing more attention towards the details will not only improve the relationship to yourself but also foster the experience with your partner(s). Trust us, this is life changing. You become more receptive for everything, so you’ll receive more pleasure in return - in literally every aspect of your life. Stop the nightly rubbing attacks and start showing more respect & love to your pussy. It’s SO worth it.

In short, here are Laura’s 11 juicy self pleasure tips:

  1. Go out of your way to do the things that light you up, ALL DAY


  3. Block TIME for yourself 

  4. Create a physical SPACE

  5. Release all EXPECTATIONS

  6. Learn to MEDITATE

  7. Turn yourself ON (e.g. by starting with a breast massage)

  8. Don’t go straight for the CLIT

  9. Practice a mindful INSERTION technique

  10. Practice EDGING techniques

  11. Don’t forget about after CARE

In case you want to use an insertion tool during your pleasure routine, we want to encourage you to think about using a crystal alternative to rubber & plastic toys. With rose quartz being THE crystal for self love and yoni eggs having such a gentle yet arousing shape, check out our favorite pick.


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