Sex, Desire & Love for Modern Men – Understanding Healthy Masculinity for the 21st Century

Cam Fraser is a sexologist, tantric yoga teacher and sacred sexuality coach

Cam Fraser is a sexologist, tantric yoga teacher and sacred sexuality coach

Ladies, it is time we turn to our complementary gender and explore the masculine. Check out our newest podcast episode and let Cam Fraser take you into the male world of sexuality and desire. What is it like to be a man in our modern society? What does healthy sexuality for men mean? How are men experiencing desire and what’s a sustainable way to express it? In times when porn is easily accessible and taken as reality by young men, how can they overcome insecurities, handle their male energies and create a relationship with their sexual bodies. How can we all move away from our cockcentric view of masculinity? All these questions and many more are answered by Cam in this wonderful conversation.

Girlfriend, this episode is as important for you as it is for our gentlemen out there, so don’t miss out!


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