The Root - Black Obsidian Butt Plug

The Root - Black Obsidian Butt Plug


The Root is made from 100% Black Obsidian to fire up the Root Chakra. Intended for anal explorations, the root helps us tap into our primal and creative urges. The anus contains a complex web of muscles and sensitive nerve endings with high energetic potential. Stimulating this area with intimate, sensual massage can lead to a deeply expansive, recalibrating experience. A useful tool for remaining grounded, the Obsidian Root can take you deep into the mind, allowing you to access blocked energy in order to release.

Mindfully brought to you by Love and Luna.

The Crystal can specifically assist with:

  • Absorbing negative energy and releasing stress to improve emotional well-being

  • Alleviating fears and worries to allow one to become more comfortable within themselves and their surroundings

  • Promoting self control and keeping excessive emotions and passions under control

  • Promoting clarity when making difficult decisions

  • Promoting positive sexual health and easing the root chakra and reproductive system

  • Releasing sexual shame and healing related traumas

Weight: 230gm – 300gm
Height: 7inch / 18cm

Does not require batteries
Hand carved, smooth surface

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