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Now that you have your new purchase on it’s way to you, we wanted to provide you with all the support to ensure that you’re set up for the most pleasurable time possible. This page is all about customer care, with various video content explaining everything you need to know about caring for and getting ready for your purchase.⁣


Feel Supported & Connect with Like Minded Women

We understand that this topic can be scary and confronting at times. That’s why we’ve created Lalulah Ladies - a private Facebook Group created for one sole purpose; to provide a safe, sacred space for ladies to ask any questions related to their yoni eggs, Lalulah course work, pleasure wands, crystal wands, sex, sensuality, love, self-pleasure, kink, sexual expression, emotions, hormonal health, pelvic floor etc, and receive the loving support of epic sisters everywhere.⁣


As always angel, make sure you practise flexing your intuition muscles and only ever use your toys when it’s a full body YES. Sometimes there is great power in simply listening to, and honouring your “no’s” and your “maybes”.

If you’re looking for more great resources to help you on your journey, check out The Lalulah Podcast, available on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube


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